APM Terminal Enhancements Continue to Make Progress

APM Terminal Enhancements Continue to Make Progress

The APM Terminal (AMPT) at Port Elizabeth has been undergoing significant infrastructure improvements as a result of a $200 million investment. As the Port of New York and New Jersey prepares for the next generation of ultra large container ships and increased cargo volumes – it’s imperative to continue upgrading our facilities to accommodate the future of the industry.

Updates across APM Terminal include:

  • New DA Kiosks (Drivers Assistance): Increases safety and efficiency by allowing trucker to resolve trouble tickets from the comfort of their own cabs. Once a trouble ticket is resolved, the driver simply inserts their Sealink Card into the kiosk and the corrected ticket/EIR prints which lifts the gate arm and allows driver to proceed into the terminal with the proper EIR. With this process we also began escorting drivers off terminal for avoidable trouble tickets per our earlier discussions at the last BiState BOD Meeting here in August.
  • New IEP Chassis Lanes: As of September 5th, truckers entering APMT with a bareIEP chassis (DCLI, TRAC/METRO, FLEXI) can proceed to the bobtail lanes at the McLester Street Gate. Security guards at gate are there to monitor and assist with any needs of the driver.
  • South Berth: The entire South Berth refurbishment has been completed. Now the focus has shifted to work on vessels on the full length of the South-facing berth of the terminal.
  • Bare Chassis Out-Gate (Tripoli St.): AMPT will no longer will be allowing owner bare chassis out of the Tripoli St. bare chassis out-gate. However, bare DCLI, TRAC/METRO and FLEXI will be allowed out (BARE ONLY) at our Tripoli St. bare chassis out-gate.
  • Additional Empty Annex Queuing Space: An additional queue space to allow truckers to bet off Tripoli Street in the event of high volumes at the Empty Annex Gate.
  • Additional Empty Annex Gate Lanes: Two additional lanes will be added to the MTY Annex –  bringing the Empty Annex Gate up to potentially 10 lanes.

“Everyone at AMPT is excited to see the manifestation of capital planning come to fruition,” says General Manager of Client Services, Giovanni Antonuccio. “These developments are geared towards augmenting the customer experience in every way. The trucker community is paramount to moving cargo in and out of APMT – so it’s our job to find innovative ways to ensure that process is seamless.”

Planned completion time of the total Modernization project is Q2 of 2019.