On Nov. 20, Bethann Rooney, port director at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hai Phong, Vietnam, solidifying a close collaboration aimed at growing trade between the two ports. The visit, led by Mr. Le Tien Chau, Secretary of the Hai Phong Party’s Committee represents an opportunity to promote cooperation between the Port of New York and New Jersey and partners in Hai Phong to support bilateral trade and investment between the United States and Vietnam. Hai Phong is the largest port city in Northern Vietnam and one of the most important industrial hubs of theRead More →

Discounts could be even more plentiful than usual this holiday season for regional shoppers as retailers look to draw down their massive inventory, the result of a frenetic few years at the New York-New Jersey gateway and other ports around the nation. Santa is putting his elves to work earlier than ever this year. While the so-called “Christmas creep” phenomenon is an annual topic of debate, this year shoppers may find ample opportunity for ahead-of-schedule holiday shopping with discounts galore. Retailers are predicting an even earlier-than-usual start to the holiday shopping season, at least partially thanks to the unusual shipping trends of the past fewRead More →

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is committed to transforming operations at our facilities with environmental initiatives that safeguard our natural resources. Through the implementation of the Truck Replacement Program at the Port of New York and New Jersey, the Port Authority is working to reduce diesel truck emissions by offering eligible applicants grant funds towards the purchase of a newer, cleaner truck to replace their older, higher emitting truck. In addition, we are phasing out the oldest trucks serving our marine terminals. Truck Engine Model Year 1998 Phase Out Starting in July 2023 Starting July 3, 2023, trucks with model yearRead More →

Breaking Waves Conversations

Breaking Waves Conversations is a series of insightful interviews about the Port of New York and New Jersey. Check out the Port of New York and New Jersey’s new series: Breaking Waves Conversations. In each episode, we interview key members of the Port of New York and New Jersey to highlight and further explain the operations of the Port. These experts walk us through capacity and fluidity initiatives, technological innovations, and long-term goals for the Port. Join us as we chat about interesting developments at the Port today and what’s in store for the future of shipping in our region.Read More →

The Port of New York and New Jersey (the Port) is excited to announce that its weekly Supply Chain Dashboard is now available on PortTruckPass (PTP). The Port Authority and marine terminal operators remain committed to identifying ways to increase transparency to improve our customers’ experience, including the many resources PortTruckPass offers. PortTruckPass is an online service provided by Sustainable Terminal Services, Inc., a nonprofit corporation created by the Port’s marine terminal operators to promote secure, environmentally sensitive, and efficient operations at the Port of New York and New Jersey. PortTruckPass houses the Terminal Information Portal System (TIPS), a tool for motor carriers, shippers, beneficialRead More →