From attire to accessories, the right combination of textile, color, and pattern allows us to express our personalities, ambitions, and, most importantly, our sense of style. In New York City, the largest retail market in the country, the desire to shop is fueling a growing apparel market, accounting for more than $15 billion in annual sales. While going to a favorite store to search for a particular item may be easy to do, it is the result of a long, concentrated process—and the Port of New York and New Jersey plays a pivotal role in this process. More than 900 fashion companies are headquartered inRead More →

At a press conference held last week, the New York Shipping Association (NYSA) released its 2017 report, The Economic Impact of the New York-New Jersey Port Industry. The seventh iteration of this study, the document examines the Port of New York and New Jersey’s economic activity in 2016, and concludes that “The significant economic contribution the Port of New York and New Jersey makes to this region [was] demonstrated once again” during that year. The document shows that, in the two years since NYSA’s previous Economic Impact report, which covered 2014, the port has significantly increased the number of jobs it offers, as well asRead More →