Trucker Experience Initiatives and New Anonymous Trucker Feedback Survey

Trucker Experience Initiatives and New Anonymous Trucker Feedback Survey

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (Port Authority) continues to place high priority on customer experience across all our transportation facilities. Over the last year, the agency launched a new Customer Experience (CX) Working Group to deliver world-class customer-centered experiences as a part of our commitment to being a world-class transportation authority. Recent initiatives at our Port of New York & New Jersey (Port or PONYNJ) facilities have included meeting basic needs by improving facility conditions in highly utilized locations (signage, cleanliness, lighting, etc.), as well as the launch of real-time customer feedback tools that allow us to address issues and analyze customer concerns in order to deliver continuous improvements.  

At the Port, our focus has been on improving the journey and experience of the drayage trucking community visiting our Port complex daily.  As of March 2023, the PONYNJ has over 16,000 registered truckers in our SeaLink database. Many of these drivers are Independent Owner Operators.

Providing truckers and trucking companies with informational resources, along with relevant and timely operational updates remain the highest priority of the Port. In an effort to reach as many truckers as possible, both new and experienced at the Port, the Port Authority staff worked closely with  our marine terminal operators to install QR signage to capture anonymous trucker responses across all container facilities at the Port.  The QR codes displayed on these signs direct truckers to a survey that asks them to share their overall satisfaction at the Port and specifically asks for  their opinions on timely updates of traffic conditions, information provided in the Truckers Resource Guide, clarity of information about safety protocols, as well as both clarity and availability of information currently shared via the Port’s informational channels. Truckers are encouraged to look out for these QR code signs, which can be found  at terminal in/out gates, trouble ticket windows, public restrooms, and the Truck Service Center. The survey is powered by Medallia and allows Port staff to view real-time anonymous responses and analyze feedback based on facility location. Please help us increase participation in these anonymous surveys, as additional feedback better informs Port staff of new or ongoing issues and concerns that truckers may be experiencing at the PONYNJ.

In line with this new feedback program, the PONYNJ continues to develop additional trucker experience initiatives to increase our communication with drivers.  Over the next two weeks, the Port will be hosting a series of outreach events to thank the drayage trucking community for their continued hard work, collaboration, and dedication to the PONYNJ. Truckers are encouraged to stop by the Truck Service Center to receive updated trucker resource materials, provide open feedback, ask questions, and receive a small token of our appreciation.

Upcoming Dates and Times:

Friday, May 19 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday, May 24 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Truck Service Center Location:

Truck Service Center

ExpressPort Plaza

1160 McLester Street

Building 1160, Unit 3

Elizabeth, NJ