Making Connections: Port Hosts Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution (TLD) Job Expo

Making Connections: Port Hosts Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution (TLD) Job Expo

More than 800 high school juniors and seniors, job seekers, and employers were making important career connections at the inaugural Career Awareness & Job Expo, hosted by the Port of New York and New Jersey on April 18 at Elizabeth-Port Authority Marine Terminal. Approximately 550 high school juniors and seniors, 200 job seekers, and 50 companies and maritime college-level institutions participated.

The Career Awareness & Job Expo was coordinated by the Council on Port Performance’s (CPP) Workforce Development Implementation Team. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness and build connections with the community on the ways the Port drives the regional economy, with an end goal to attract a new generation of employees to the many jobs the industry offers. CPP’s Workforce Development Implementation Team spoke about jobs, training, and skill sets needed to keep transportation, logistics, and distribution robust and thriving.

“The Career Awareness & Job Expo was well received by the industry and very successful in increasing the awareness of the hundreds of students who attended,” says Stephen Lyman, Director of Port Newark, The Seamen’s Church Institute. “It was great to see the terminal operators, trucking community and of course the Port Authority have such a large presence, showcasing the diversity of job opportunities in the maritime industry.”

The Workforce Development Implementation Team is comprised of Port businesses and other stakeholders, who volunteer their expertise to develop new ways to attract, train, and hire a workforce that will sustain the TLD industry and evolve its vital future role in local, regional, and national commerce.

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