The Port of NY and NJ Focuses on Efforts to Safeguard Front Line Staff

The Port of NY and NJ Focuses on Efforts to Safeguard Front Line Staff

The Port of New York and New Jersey remains fully operational to facilitate the movement of cargo locally, regionally and nationally. Supply chain fluidity remans a priority  of the Port in order to  continue providing essential goods to stores and homes as well as critical commodities to support the healthcare system. During the COVID-19 crisis,  the health and safety of all front line personnel also remains a core priority. The entire port stakeholder community continues to pursue enhanced protocols and follow established health guidelines.

As the COVID-19 crisis evolves, planning to mitigate potential supply chain impacts is another key area of focus. The Port of New York and New Jersey is well-prepared to work collaboratively through the expertise and experience of the Council on Port Performance (CPP). Since 2014, the CPP has served as a strategic framework for port stakeholders to collaborate on areas of common interest, identify challenges to port efficiency and service reliability and pursue solutions together. The entire Port of NY and NJ community is actively engaged to maintain the vital maritime supply chain through the gateway.

Looking ahead, cargo volumes are expected to increase in the coming weeks attributable to the resumption of factory production and output from China. There will likely be a period of time when cargo supply increases ahead of consumer demand. The first step is to minimize the supply chain implications associated with this dynamic by engaging  directly with warehouse owners and operators in order to understand their available capacity and to identify excess capacity that can be leveraged.  The Port is in the process of assessing capacity along with the Port’s Terminal Operators on this front.

Lastly, and to avoid any confusion on the matter, the CDC recently issued a statement to ensure that critical transportation and delivery workers in the New York City are not impacted by any self-quarantine guidelines for traveling out of the region:

If you have any questions or if the Port can be of assistance,  please reach out to one of our Industry Relations team members:

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Your continued support and collective efforts during this challenging time are much appreciated. Stay safe and healthy.