Port Authority Authorizes $9.5 Million for Major road Improvement Project at Port of NY and NJ

Port Authority Authorizes $9.5 Million for Major road Improvement Project at Port of NY and NJ

The Port Authority Board of Commissioners approved a project to upgrade a section of Port Jersey Boulevard on July 23, 2014.

Port Jersey Boulevard functions as the main access road to the Global Container Terminal in Jersey City. The section to be upgraded runs through Jersey City, NJ and will allow the port to accommodate future cargo growth while providing environmental benefits.

Specifically, the project will provide better access and egress to Port Jersey and Global Container Terminal. It will include:

  • a new left turn lane and entrance to the BMW auto processing facility (to handle additional traffic volume),
  • realignment and repaving of Port Jersey Boulevard between Colony Road and the Global Container Terminal gate
  • upgrades to the existing drainage system, and
  • installation of a guiderail for vehicle safety.

The roadway upgrades will reduce fuel consumption and associated pollution by minimizing vehicle travel time and truck idling.

Improvements to realign, widen, and improve port roads will also increase safety for trucks entering and exiting the Global terminal and BMW’s facility from Port Jersey Boulevard.

The $9.5 million road improvement project is funded by Cargo Facility Charges, which are assessed on all cargo that moves across Port Authority wharfs.

“Making sure cargo flows safely and efficiently through the port is crucial to attracting international shippers to do business here,” said Port Authority Executive Director Patrick Foye.

“We anticipate continued growth at our port, which is good news for the region. But we must make sure that the infrastructure we have in place can handle the cargo volumes and truck traffic the cargo will generate,” said Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Deb Gramiccioni.


The Port Authority recently completed or has underway $117 million in upgrades to the port roadway network, including approximately $27 million to upgrade the North Avenue East/McLester Street curve in Elizabeth, and $34.5 million for the Port Street/Brewster Road project, which will be completed this year.

The current port’s roadway plan is scheduled to be substantially completed by 2019.

These infrastructure improvements, together with road and common area security investments to improve the port’s efficiency, security, and environmental footprint, are also funded by the Cargo Facility Charge.

The Port Authority anticipates spending an additional $248 million over the next 10 years at its New York and New Jersey port facilities. This additional funding is included in the Port Authority’s 10-year Capital Plan.

In June of this year, the Port Performance Task Force – created by the Port Authority in conjunction with the New York Shipping Association – released 23 recommendations to improve port performance and efficiency.

A group of port stakeholders – the Council on Port Performance – is beginning the task of implementing the recommendations.