The Port of New York and New Jersey is fully operational and continues to work closely with our port partners to ensure cargo fluidity throughout the region and beyond. The unique and unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 health crisis has prompted the Port to mitigate the possibility of container bottlenecks at its marine terminals once import volumes begin to rebound and shippers are faced with potential warehouse closures or storage constraints. To address these potential supply chain disruptions, a survey was conducted amongst warehouse operators to identify available warehousing in the region and has amassed a list of facilities with additional storage capacity that rangeRead More →

In these challenging times of a global pandemic, just as the port and maritime industry has made adjustments to meet the requirements of the emerging “new normal”, criminals and terrorists are also adjusting their nefarious activities to take advantage of changing lifestyles and commercial operations. Law Enforcement Agencies across the country have seen a rise in criminal or terrorist activity that specifically exploits the COVID-19 pandemic or takes advantage of changes in personal activity as a result of the pandemic. These include: sale of counterfeit N95 masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE); display of false credentials indicating either status as a government official or essential workerRead More →

The Port of New York and New Jersey is open for business and fully operational despite the unfolding COVID-19 health crisis. Hear directly from Sam Ruda, Port Director, as he thanks the dedicated workforce and port partners for ensuring cargo is moving efficiently throughout the region and beyond. It is our priority to keep supermarket shelves sufficiently stocked, continuously supply pharmacies with the medications needed for local communities and safeguard essential workers with the appropriate medical supplies to perform their duties. Additionally, learn more about how to stay connected and hear the latest updates from the Port of NY and NJ – including our webinar-based PortRead More →

The Port is a family of partners, all working together for a common cause. The community that surrounds each of our facilities is part of this family too, because their support makes our success possible. So, when a member of that family is suffering, we all pitch in to help. Last week at the Red Hook Container Terminal, RHCT, President Mike Stamatis and one of its partners, a food importer based in Queens, N. Y., put their heads together when they saw the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on the economy and the ability of nearby communities to get fresh food. Redi FreshRead More →

The Council on Port Performance (CPP) met on April 9th to discuss the overall conditions at the  Port and the broader supply chain.  It was highlighted that Terminal Operators, in cooperation with the New York Shipping Association and the ILA, commenced non-contact temperature checks this week as an additional measure to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Such temperature checks will be conducted multiple times a day.  Port Director Sam Ruda emphasized that while “all stakeholders in the port community remain committed to keeping the regions goods moving and keeping the Port operational, it must be accomplished with a continued focus on health and safetyRead More →