Discounts could be even more plentiful than usual this holiday season for regional shoppers as retailers look to draw down their massive inventory, the result of a frenetic few years at the New York-New Jersey gateway and other ports around the nation. Santa is putting his elves to work earlier than ever this year. While the so-called “Christmas creep” phenomenon is an annual topic of debate, this year shoppers may find ample opportunity for ahead-of-schedule holiday shopping with discounts galore. Retailers are predicting an even earlier-than-usual start to the holiday shopping season, at least partially thanks to the unusual shipping trends of the past fewRead More →

In September, the Port of New York and New Jersey recorded 660,553 TEUs (363,853 containers), a 21.6 percent decline in total volume compared to the previous year’s 842,219 TEUs (465,685 containers). This number brings the seaport’s total volume for the year through September to 5,789,116 TEUs (3,211,306 containers). The numbers reflect a resetting of cargo volumes following record setting years in 2021 and 2022.  Imports declined in September compared to the previous year, totaling 339,033 TEUs (186,994 containers) and 423,424 TEUs (234,352 containers) in September 2022, a 19.9 percent decrease. Since January, imports at the Port of New York and New Jersey reached 2,957,589 TEUsRead More →

It wouldn’t be the first time the Port of New York and New Jersey changed the game. 67 years after Malcolm McLean loaded the world’s first shipping container onto the deck of a converted tanker at Port Newark, the East Coast’s busiest gateway is getting ready for another profound shift: leading the way in the transition to clean energy and net-zero emissions in the shipping industry. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s wide-ranging Net Zero Roadmap outlines several concrete steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the New York/New Jersey seaport as part of the agency’s overall commitment to reach net-zero carbonRead More →

After a busy July that saw the Port of New York and New Jersey record its largest total cargo volume since October 2022, August brought a normalizing of activity to pre-pandemic levels at the port. The port moved 662,740 TEUs (366,339 containers) in August versus 843,191 TEUs (466,640 containers) in August 2022, a 21.4 percent decrease, which brings its total volumes handled through August to 5,128,563 TEUs (2,847,453 containers). These declines are largely due to U.S. retailers continuing to draw from their overstock of inventory that was delivered during the record cargo surge over the past two years. Imports decreased by 18.6 percent in AugustRead More →

In July, the Port of New York and New Jersey was the busiest port in the United States, moving a total volume of 725,479 TEUs (400,470 containers), its highest monthly total since October 2022, and bringing our year-through July total to 4,465,823 TEUs (2,481,114 containers). The monthly number represents a 6.5 percent decrease from July 2022, when 776,167 TEUs (431,364 containers) moved through the port.  Imports (TEUs) decreased by 7.7 percent in July versus July 2022, totaling 372,139 TEUs (205,605 containers) and 402,969 TEUs (224,160 containers). From January through July, imported loads reached 2,269,635 TEUs (1,262,145 containers), a 22.2 percent decrease from the 2,916,584 TEUsRead More →