Cashless Tolling—Now at the Outerbridge Crossing

Cashless Tolling—Now at the Outerbridge Crossing

Cashless tolling is now in place at the Outerbridge Crossing. Cash payments are no longer accepted. Trucks using the Outerbridge Crossing must pay tolls using the E-ZPass tag or Tolls by Mail. All special (permit) loads-overweight and oversized trucks-must receive a PAPD escort at the Outerbridge Crossing.

Cashless tolling works by scanning the E-ZPass tag mounted on a vehicle’s windshield and then charging the toll to the passholder’s account. Vehicles without E-ZPass tags also pass seamlessly through toll points without stopping using Tolls by Mail. Instead of having passes scanned, license plates are photographed and bills are mailed to registered owners to be paid online, by mail, by phone, or at certain local retailers.

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Replacing tooth booths with overhead equipment that instantly reads a vehicle’s E-ZPass or license plate helps improve the flow of traffic by reducing stops and starts. Streamlining travel through cashless tolling also improves safety, reduces vehicle emissions from idling automobiles, and decreases fuel consumption. Annually, the implementation of cashless tolling at the Outerbridge Crossing is expected to save drivers approximately 200,000 hours, reduce crashes by up to 10 percent, lower emissions from idling traffic by 11,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide, and decrease fuel consumption by 1.3 million gallons.

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