Announcing Our Switch… to Breaking Waves

Announcing Our Switch… to Breaking Waves

Last summer the PortViews editorial staff issued an online satisfaction survey. 83.71 percent of respondents said they preferred breaking news to our previous, quarterly format.

Based on this feedback, we retired the traditional PortViews newsletter and began beta testing PortViews News Flashes: brief, information-packed articles designed to address your needs both nimbly and succinctly.

We are pleased to report that, since making this shift, our newsletter has won many awards from leading industry experts. But that’s no reason to stop reimagining what this publication could be for you, our valued customer.

With beta testing now complete, PortViews Flashes will rebrand to become Breaking Waves. Breaking Waves offer the latest advisories, updates, news, and profiles to assist your navigation of the Port of NY & NJ.

As a previous PortViews subscriber, you will receive Breaking Waves in your inbox; you can also access them at our aggregating website

To ensure that you receive Breaking Waves, please add PANYNJ [mailto:[email protected]] to your email address book.

We hope you continue to enjoy our newsletter, and look forward to your feedback.